Sunday, April 29, 2018

A-Z Blogging Challenge - The letter C is for Catholic!

In 2017, there was a challenge. I heard about it from jillballau blog and more information can be found out about it on the A-Z Blogging Challenge (which was at page itself. However, as I was testing links I found the A-Z Blogging Challenge link is no longer working *frown*

Many people had done this challenge in April 2017, but I’m a rebel and do things when I have time, so I’ll do mine now. I’ve been working on it over many days, and was hoping to get it all done before posting BUT it’s taking me a lot longer than I expected. I’ll do a few posts now and work on the rest. I know I have about ½ of this challenge done in draft format, so not too bad.  J

What can I say – I’m an original. So, here I go…

The letter C is for Catholic!

As I’ve stated before, I’m an original. I can go back many generations on both sides of my family and have found for at least 300 years on my maternal side and 200 on my paternal side we have been in the Catholic religion. In fact, more than that, we’ve been Roman Catholic.

Both of my parents made communion. In fact, when they were growing up their parents would go several times a week to church. 

My generation only went so far as to get baptized. As far as I know, none of us actually made communion. I know I haven’t. In fact my baptized paperwork was destroyed with my baby book back just before I got married when we had a house fire.

A picture of my father in the 1940s after his communion.
Copyright Jo Ann Fitzgerald.

My niece with her son at his communion in 2010.
Copyright Jessica Chase.
The Decon with my niece's son at his communion in 2010.
Copyright Jessica Chase.
I know at least one of my niece’s children made communion at the local Catholic Church, so the link is still there even though we don’t go to church at all.

Where myself and siblings were baptized. My Uncle and Grandmother's final services were held here too.
Credit for picture
The last time I had gone was when my Uncle passed away and my brother was worried the whole time about the building crashing down on us and then he panicked when they gave offering and didn’t know what to do. It was a memorable day as I had him panicking, my husband not really knowing what to do as he's never been baptized or practiced, it was about 90 degrees F and I was on fertility medication and was having hot flashes along with feeling like I was going to faint. Like I said, memorable.
My Uncle's final resting place in Newburgh.
Credit Jo Ann Fitzgerald.