Friday, April 22, 2016

Anzac Day 2016

I believe I have written here about ANZAC day before.

ANZAC Day is in relation to Australia and New Zealand's soldiers who fought in World War 1 (and in particular in Turkey) and how badly they were shot up on dawn on 25 April 1915. I think the entire time I've lived here I've only missed 2 or 3 ANZAC day sunrise ceremonies in Melbourne at the Shrine of Remembrance. Last year, 2015, was a big one and we had organized to meet up with my father in law, uncles in law and other family members for the service and then we went out for cuppas after.

2011 Anzac Ceremony after sunrise ceremony finished

Normally, my father in law, myself and my husband go into the ceremony, then we come home to watch the parades on TV, while I make breakfast. Then I put on a roast in the slow cooker and then go in and catch a nap as we get up about 3am to leave by 4am to get a parking spot and good standing position.
2007 ANZAC service

This year is going to be different. We are going to go to a country service this year. The good thing is we can be much later than normal which means more sleep. The bad thing is its going to be very small - we think.

ANZAC day was started for World War 1 but since they are gone and most of World War 2 are gone as well, they have now decided to honor ANY soldier who fought in ANY war which means Vietnam and the current situations in Iran, Iraq and that area of the globe. Right or wrong this is what has been decided.

Usually I stand there and think of everyone I am related to who has served and who we have lost because of them serving.

This year I get to add one more proud soldier to the list - Prosper Valère Verhaeghe. He is my 2nd cousin 3 times removed on my mother's side. He served in Ypres, Belgium. He thought he wouldn't make it back, so his son was named after him. Thankfully, he came back from there and continued to be a baker and own his own bakery until his passing in 1975.

 My hat is off to you kind sir for your valuable service.

As per normal, I would like to thank and think of everyone else within my ancestors who has fought in wars and served over so many years.

I have also found:

  • my great uncle Alfred Wotjkowski 
  • my grandfather Mathias Schmitz 

also served.

There can be others I haven't been made aware of - yet. If so, drop me a line and let me know! 

A Comment on a User Comment

Hi All.

Recently I've had a inquisitive person ask me the following question within the comments:
Is this why you left New York? on Requests for more information in NY and NYS
The person is asking in relation to the Requests for more information in NY and NYS from Reclaim the Records about my ancestors in the past.

Me in 1997 after flying over 40 hours to get to Australia to marry and live here permanently
The answer is - No. I left New York and New York State before I started doing my family history research. The reason behind me leaving the US for Australia? I met my husband online and we had decided to settle in Australia.

We had to pick a country and upon us looking at livability Australia seemed to be the overall best choice for vacation/holidays per year and our lively hood.

View on now nearly 20 years later 

After taking such a long time to GET a job the first time, I thought I was on my way. However, since then I've been retrenched or my position cancelled within the companies I've worked for TWICE. This last time was the real winner as it was a decision from above and the way they had things done was not a good feeling for me in my position. However, I carried on and could be satisfied I fulfilled my job to its full completeness and there is nothing for anyone to complain about whatsoever. I can be proud of that.
1998 from the BAN magazine at P&O.

In say this, since then, I have had an OUTSTANDING tough time finding a position. I don't know why as everyone has always been more than happy with my performances and ethics, but for some reason they just don't want to hire me.

I've done something outside the box and hired someone to come through and look at my resume. They said I did everything right, but they wanted to really pare it down and reword a few things... now, once I get my classes under full control, I can then apply for positions. I'm hoping in the next week or so I can get to do this.

However, I'm not very happy because I'm starting to think with me being from outside of Australia, employers are not looking at my job performances but at where I lived 20 years ago and are judging on that regardless all of the experience I've had here in Australia.

Its been really tough but I'm hopefully I might have some luck soon.

Monday, April 11, 2016

National Siblings Day - April 10th

The past few days I've been seeing many posts about National Siblings Day. Honestly, I've never heard of it before these past 2 days, so I decided to look it up.

National Siblings day was recognized and brought to the US Congress' attention in 2005 by Hon. Carolyn B. Maloney from New York. According to the Congressional Record, it states:
I rise today to salute Siblings Day, a day 
to honor our brothers and sisters for the many ways in which they 
enhance our lives. This celebration gives us the opportunity to show 
our appreciation for our siblings, much like Mother's Day and Father's 
Day are celebrated. Siblings Day was founded by my constituent, Claudia 
Evart. Ms. Evart has worked tirelessly to promote the observance of 
Sibling's Day on April 10th.
 I thought this was a very interesting idea. I could see where it could merit people to want to remember and pay tributes to their siblings. I know my father would probably pay a tribute to his brother, John, who has passed away.

I also can see some of my maternal relatives would probably want to pay tributes to their siblings. I'm talking about Charles and Mary Gauquie. I'm not sure if they are even thought of, but I know, since
One of the pictures from Find a Grave of Mary's grave site marker.
I've "found" these two siblings of my grandfather, I think of them often. Charles was about 10 when he fell into one of the rivers on my great grandparents' farm and drowned. I'm not sure if they ever found him or if he has a burial with the rest of the family at St. Mary's. Apparently, after Charles died, no one ever spoke about him again. Then you have Mary. Mary contracted polio when she was about 9. It didn't kill her but it affected her brain apparently. She would never "grow" up. Instead she stayed at home helping her mother with the chores - until my great grandmother Annie died. Then her father shipped her off to hospital or asylum for her to be "taken care of". She only lasted about 6-9 months there and ended up dying. She was only 36 years old. She was brought "home" and buried with her other relatives at St. Mary's. I still do think of them.
Sign for St. Mary's where some of my maternal line are buried

Then I thought about my own siblings. Whenever, I think about my own the best way I could say it is "Think of World War 3 and its still pretty tame". My brother, he's the peacemaker in all of it. He tries to get along with everyone and keep everyone up where everyone is at. Then you have the bitch, as
A family photo of my siblings when they were younger.
she said she doesn't mind to be known as, named Jean. She's the second oldest and named after our grandmother. She fights with everyone. Our middle sister, Debbie, and her haven't spoken in well...its got to be over 30 years now. I was just a kid when they had a huge fight. Now, I think, the only one that's still speaking to Jean is Charlie, but then again, maybe not. Theresa, I think, talks to everyone or at least tries to. However, she lives so far away its difficult to contact everyone as she lives in the middle of the USA. Then you have me. I live on another continent, but I do try and keep in contact with everyone. Not that its easy, but I do try. I speak to everyone - when they answer the phone or get back to me - except Jean. In fact, there are a very few pictures off the older 4 siblings of mine. By the time I came along, there were no more sibling pictures taken at all. Now there's very little hope of another one ever being taken because of the wide divides (aka fighting) of the family unfortunately.

We've all had our good times and bad, but we are still family. With the genealogy work I do, I'm trying to put all the pieces back together again (think Humpty Dumpty) of the family. Its not easy, but I'm finding I'm slowly starting to put all of the pieces and building the links that have tried to be destroyed. One day, I am hoping to have a huge reunion, but who knows if it'll ever happen?