Friday, April 22, 2016

A Comment on a User Comment

Hi All.

Recently I've had a inquisitive person ask me the following question within the comments:
Is this why you left New York? on Requests for more information in NY and NYS
The person is asking in relation to the Requests for more information in NY and NYS from Reclaim the Records about my ancestors in the past.

Me in 1997 after flying over 40 hours to get to Australia to marry and live here permanently
The answer is - No. I left New York and New York State before I started doing my family history research. The reason behind me leaving the US for Australia? I met my husband online and we had decided to settle in Australia.

We had to pick a country and upon us looking at livability Australia seemed to be the overall best choice for vacation/holidays per year and our lively hood.

View on now nearly 20 years later 

After taking such a long time to GET a job the first time, I thought I was on my way. However, since then I've been retrenched or my position cancelled within the companies I've worked for TWICE. This last time was the real winner as it was a decision from above and the way they had things done was not a good feeling for me in my position. However, I carried on and could be satisfied I fulfilled my job to its full completeness and there is nothing for anyone to complain about whatsoever. I can be proud of that.
1998 from the BAN magazine at P&O.

In say this, since then, I have had an OUTSTANDING tough time finding a position. I don't know why as everyone has always been more than happy with my performances and ethics, but for some reason they just don't want to hire me.

I've done something outside the box and hired someone to come through and look at my resume. They said I did everything right, but they wanted to really pare it down and reword a few things... now, once I get my classes under full control, I can then apply for positions. I'm hoping in the next week or so I can get to do this.

However, I'm not very happy because I'm starting to think with me being from outside of Australia, employers are not looking at my job performances but at where I lived 20 years ago and are judging on that regardless all of the experience I've had here in Australia.

Its been really tough but I'm hopefully I might have some luck soon.