Monday, December 25, 2017

Birthdays and the Holiday Season

I always feel sorry for the people who were born in December and early January because I can imagine they are always missing out on gifts and well wishes due to the holidays. Do you feel the same? 

I know I'm always forgetting what day my great grandfather Adam Wojtkowski was born and this year I wanted to remember and do a write up here about it. However, the holidays got me again - I forgot about it until today - Christmas which is December 25th - and his birthday was the December 21st. 

Anyhow, even though its a bit late, I wanted to wish my paternal great grandfather a very Happy Birthday for his 131st birthday. He was born in 1886 and today is 2017, so if we do the math then he would have been 131 years old. 
Here is a close up of Adam in front of his story in about 1920s or 1930s Copyright J Fitzgerald

Adam visiting his wife's grave site and talking to a child in 1940s. Copyright J. Fitzgerald

Others in December and January which are always forgotten are below. 

My father in law, Noel, on December 6. 
Noel in front of his house in Deni in 2012. Copyright Spanrz.

My sister, Theresa, on January 7.
Theresa and Captain Cook in 2012 in Sydney. Copyright J. Fitzgerald

My nephew, Eric, on December 26.
Eric in 2012. Taken from his Facebook Page.

My ex-brother in law, Jack, December 31. 
Jack in 2011. Copyright J. Fitzgerald.

And anyone else out there I might have forgotten! 
Happy Birthday to you!