Thursday, November 16, 2017

2017 Veterans, Independence, Remembrance Day

The US celebrated Veterans Day this month.
Credit: J. Fitzgerald
These are not the only people who served...but only the ones I know about or could remember. Did I forget one? Let me know and I'll be more than happy to include if they are my relatives.


Further, Poland celebrated Independence day. 

This is important to me and my family because my grandmother and great grandmother was still in Poland when this happened. However, the fighting didn't stop due to the Russian's trying to overtake Poland's land even though the Treaty of Versailles said Poland was to reappear, but they tried, and failed!, to stop it. This allowed my grandmother and great grandmother enough time to leave Poland before they were enclosed in the Iron Curtain.

Finally, Europe held Remembrance Day ceremonies.

I had and have family which was on both the Western Front and the Eastern Front. My grandmother, as discussed above, was on the Eastern Front. However the Western Front? This was my mother's side who lived and still live in Belgium all along the France and Belgium border. My mother's side of the family had fought on the Belgium side and I have knowledge of this fact after doing research.

My paternal side? Well, they were the baddies in Germany. I was told by a cousin, who still lives in Germany, our family had been in the same house over 300 years, so I know we lived in Germany for at least that long. Did we fight for Germany? I'm not sure but it would make sense to think we had fought for Germany during this time. However, I'm not sure if we had or not.

All within the same day - it was a busy day worldwide.