Thursday, December 29, 2016

Genealogy and Hectic Life

Hi Everyone out there

As you can see, I've been posting today. I have done a small amount of posting prior to this but life has been turned upside down for us here and gotten very busy.

During the middle of the year, hubby's family had a bit of a drama which we are 'helping' out with still. However, life is now starting to calm down and I can and have gotten back into genealogy a bit with:

  • finishing writing up a draft of documents of my grandmother's life in more detail than what I've put on the blog. This is so the family has really good information and basis for my information I've used. Hopefully my father thinks I've done this part well enough to give it a thumbs up. Soon I'll have to start part 2 of my grandmother's life.
  • helping a cousin understand some of the timeline around our grandparents and parents' lives. 
  • helping the same cousin (as above) start with a great basis on relatives in Minnesota and then Belgium. 
  • helping with a community Find A Grave outing with taking pictures at a cemetery and uploading them.

These were on top of looking for a job and 'helping' hubby's family, and keeping 3 Facebook Group pages going and keeping in contact with all of the different cousins I've stayed in contact with, and posting on this blog every now and then. As you can see, I've been a bit busy. *grin*

I do keep up with things, so if you have any hints, tips or anything else you want to suggest to do with the blog or searching, please let me know!