Thursday, December 29, 2016

A Genetic Geneameme in response to a post on GeniAus

Apparently on Facebook is a Geneameme created by The Genetic Genealogist, Blaine Bettinger. People usually post it on Facebook, but I'm posting my response here.

1. First person you DNA tested? My hubby tested first.
2. What was your own first test? FTDNA FamilyFinder

3. Year you took your first test? 2014 -  I think.

4. What was your most recent test?
Well I paid for my father MtDNA test to be done.

5. Have you done full mtDNA genome?
My father has but not myself.

6. What is your mtDNA Haplogroup? Like I said, I haven't tested by my father has - Haplogroup H11a and
 HVR1: 16188.1C, 16293G, 16311C
HVR2: 195C, 263G, 309.1C, 309.2C, 315.1C
Coding Region: 750G, 961G, 1438G, 4769G, 5585A, 8448C, 8860G, 13759A, 15326G
7. Any exact mtDNA matches? Not yet

8. Max Y-DNA markers you/male relative tested? 0 not tested - yet

9. What is your father’s Y-DNA Haplogroup? Dunno not tested

10. Any exact Y-DNA matches? 
Not yet

11. Tested at all of the Big 3 Companies? FTDNA

12. Have you had a whole-genome test?  No

13. About how many tests do you control/administer? 2 - myself and father

14. Do you use GEDmatch? Not really but have uploaded to them.

15. Favorite GEDmatch tool? Nothing really - still confused.

16. Were you able to test any of your parents? Yes, my father

17. Were you able to test any of your grandparents? Nope.

18. Age of the oldest person you’ve tested? 84

19. Are you all done testing relatives? No way
20. If you could ask ANY one ancestor to test, living or dead, who would it be? All of my paternal and maternal great grandparents. They would be even more lost with the whole science thing than I am.


  1. Thanks for posting this, Jo Ann. This info is so much easier to find when shared on a blog, this will be around for your descendants to find in the future.Some of the beaut responses shared on Facebook will be very difficult to find.

  2. No problem Jill.

    Most people on Facebook are friends and family but don't really comment or react to genealogy stuff, so I thought it better for here than there. I do have plans on writing up pages for each of the family members gone and pages with people still alive but no real info there. However, getting to it is proving to be more of an exercise because of other challenges I've had the last few years. Persistence is something I do well though. :)