Friday, July 3, 2015

In Deep with the Book of Me - Dream Trip

This seems like an interesting topic for those those of us who do Genealogy -

This prompt was inspired by a blog post written in September 2014 by Jennifer Shoer who blogs at The Scrappy Genealogist. I wasn't the only one inspired because +Tessa Keough & the team at the Legacy Virtual Users Group Community at Google + hosted a hangout in October 2014 and you can see that recording here.

Topic: You are going to plan your dream trip. Where do you want to go and why?
Genealogical connections, revisit because of happy memories, or perhaps you just feel a connection to somewhere else? What do you want to do when you get there?

The trip can be as long or as short as you would like it to be. Forget about the constraints that you might feel and be aware of. This is an opportunity to dream and perhaps sow the seed for a future adventure.

My Genealogy Dream Trip

What's funny is my husband and I have been talking about going back to the land of our ancestors. We've been talking about it for probably a good 3 or 4 years now, because we're starting to find information on exactly where our ancestors were.

My starting point would be to go back to the United States. However, it would be to parts I've never really spent time in.

New Jersey
This would be my starting point. If my father wanted to come along, I would be more than willing for him to accompany me. We would start at the old addresses I had of my paternal side:
  • 1920 address: 49 7th Avenue, Hudson, New Jersey(great grandfather)
  • Sept 1920 address: 25 Silver Street, Bayonne (great grandparents and grandmother)
  • 1930 address: 103 11th Street, West Linden (great grandfather)
  • 1937-1942  address: 108 W 15th Street, West Linden  (great grandfather & business)
  • 1943 address: 200 Jefferson Ave, Linden, (grandparents)
  • 1943 address: 1814 Clinton Street, Linden (great grandfather)
  • March 1943 address:  1907 S Wood Ave, Linden (Distant cousin of grandmother)
  • March 1943 address: 1907 S Wood Ave, Linden (Cousin Czeslaw of Great grandfather)
  • March 1943 address: 666 Broadway Bayonne (Cousin Vincent of Great grandfather)
  • October 1920 address: MJ Donohoe School (known now as #4 school), Linden, NJ
  • November 1922 address: #2 school, Linden, NJ (grandmother)
  • 1939 address: 816 Henry Street, East Linden  (grandmother)
  • Bayway Cemetary, North Linden, NJ (Great grandparents)

New York
  • 1934 address: 433 East 72 St, NYC (grandfather)
  • 1934 address: 399 East 78th St, NYC (grandmother)
  • 1934 address: St Monica's Church, 405 East, 79th St, Manhattan (grandparents married)
  • I would also have my father take me to the places he remembers. He has mentioned in the past the old store my great grandfather had and its still a store today in New Jersey. 
  • He mentioned a German bar my grandfather often visited as well in Linden.
  • I would also visit the New Jersey Archives to see if they had any local information on my great grandparent's business as it was very well thought of. I would look up my great grandfather's obituary as well. Lastly, in the late 1930's my grandmother was involved in a very bad car and train accident and my grandmother almost died. 
  • Lastly, I would have my nieces, with their children, meet me in New York City to go to the Statue of Liberty. I would then tell them all the story of my grandmother and getting to New York.  I would follow this by them meeting my father as they didn't know him growing up. 

The next stop on my dream trip would be to Pennsylvania. My oldest sister, Theresa, has already said she wants to come along with us on this one. This visit would be for my maternal grandmother's side - the Ostrzyci and Jagodzinski side.

Pennsylvania (Ostrzyci's)
  • 1910 address: 7 Stewards Row West Carson Street, Allegheny, PA - (Felix Brother of Bernice)
  • St Adelberts Cemetery, Allegheny, PA (Felix buried)
  • 1915-1976 address: 1202 (Lower) Crest Avenue, Charleroi (2x great grandparents lived most of their lives and died, Kurpieski's lived (Laura sister of Bernice, Josephine sister of Bernice)
  • Calvary Cemetery, Charleroi  (where my 2x grandparents and other cousins/aunts/uncles are buried, Kurpieski's)
  • Charleroi Cemetery - Vicki/Valeria Woncheck (Grand Niece of Bernice, Frank, Stanley Jr Brothers of Bernice)
  • Christ Lutheran Church of Charleroi (Dorthoy Ostrzycki Johnson - Bernice's niece)
  • St Mary's Anglican Church, Charleroi (Vicki/Valeria attended)
  • 819 Gallowfield Ave, Charleroi (Vicki Carl J Spallino Funeral Home)
  • Charleroi-Moessen Hospital (Where Bernice's brother in law died)
  • Polish Ladies Auxiliary of Chareroi - Laura Kurpieski a member
  • 1918 address: 205 Fever East Pittsburgh (Adam Ostrzycki)
  • 1933 address: 369 Hayes Ave, Washington, PA (Adam)
  • 1930 address: 939 McKean Ave, Washington, PA (Steve)
  • 1940 address: 1223 Crest Ave, Charleroi (Steve)
  • 1970 address:  Calvary Bible Church of North Charleroi & choir (Steve - left for Tennessee-ministry-then Alabama)
  • 1976: St. Cyril and Methodius Catholic Church, Charleroi (Josephine)
  • Prior to 1962 Address: 16 Perry Lane, Pittsburgh, PA (Josephine Bernice's sister)
  • Need to look up Corning Glass Works in Charleroi (2x great grandfather)

  • Saint Catherine's Cemetery, Leechburgh, PA (Alfred - great uncle)
  • St. Martha's Roman Catholic Church, Leechburgh (Alfred's daughter married)
  • 1962 Address: Rd 1, Vandergrift (Alfred's address)
  • Leechburgh High School (Alfred's children attended)
  • 1917 address: Cemetary ?, Leechburgh (great grandfather)
  • West Leechburgh Steel Co, West Leechburgh, PA (great grandfather)
  • Visit to Leechburgh (Bridget/Bernice lived)
  • Visit to Pittsburgh - Stella (sisters to Bernice)
  • St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Oakmont, PA (Valma  Dunn - Bernice's sister)
  • Vandergrift, PA - (Apolonius aka Juggs - Mom's cousin lived/died here)
  • Thomas M. Smith Funeral Home and Crematory, 930 Center Ave, Pittsburgh (Mom's great aunt had Valma Dunn had her arrangements done)
  • 1948-1983 Wean United (Janet's brother Jug or Appolonius worked)
  • 1943 Leechburgh High school (Janet's brother Jug or Appolonius graduated)
  • St Gertrude Roman Catholic Church in Vandergrift (Janet's brother Jug or Appolonius chruch)
  • Vandergrift VFW (Janet's brother Jug or Appolonius member)
  • Armstrong Conty Sports Hall of Fame (Janet's brother Jug or Appolonius plaque)
  • St. Gertrude Cemetery Vandergrift (Janet's brother Jug or Appolonius buried)
  • Need to visit the Charleroi, Vandergrift, Leechburgh, Pittsburgh genealogy/history area for references Charleroi needs to be searched for Laura in Charleroi Mail newspaper for local politics.

I will also want to check cemeteries near Newburgh, NY for my great grandmother Bernice, great Aunt Geneieve, maternal grandfather and great aunt Florance, and St Mary Church and Cemetery in Salisbury Mills, NY.

I would also meet up or  have a huge picnic to meet any of my cousins in one of the nearby parks in Orange County, NY. as I haven't met many.

St. Paul Minnesota


I would then take my time and go through the places listed in my great grandparents and grandparent's documents I found. These are below.

My paternal side comes from these areas of Poland:

My maternal side comes from these areas of Poland:

 My paternal side comes from these areas of Germany:

 My maternal side comes from these areas of Denmark:

My maternal side comes from these areas of Belgium:

My Husband's dream trip would be to Ireland (whole thing), Germany, and places along France/Belgium border for his genealogy.

I think I need to win the lottery. *grin*