Monday, March 23, 2015

Happy National Puppy Day!

National Puppy Day is held on March 23 to celebrate how much joy puppies, and pets, bring into our lives. Think about your life - can you remember pets growing up? Do you have pets now? Think about the time they brought joy and felt you need to be hugged and cuddled after a really bad day. This day, which started in 2006, is to celebrate those creatures big and small who have been there for us.

Now think about your family's history - do you remember having pets growing up? Can you remember they way you felt around them?

I know throughout my life, I've had a wide range of animals growing up - many cats that have "shown up" at the door, puppies that were given to us, and later us going to buy them from either people selling them or from the RSPCA and rescued the pets. When I think back, they are some smiles and laughter of joy, or a sad smile in remembrance of them. Take the time out today to think about those pets who meant so much to you then and now.

Here's some of the pets I had growing up....
About 1977 Me with some Boxer Pups

1970s My husband's cat trying to catch the water dripping

January 1980 Midgie 

Jan 1982 Brute
1997 Kane - my brother in law's dog when I moved to Australia
1991 June Alfy on his back in our Maybrook Apartment

2003 - This is JR and Jackie play fighting outside.

2004 - Buddy and Jackie on Buddy's first day at home.

2012 Buddy all ready for Christmas
There are many other pictures and videos we have, but either they are not with me at the moment or they've been lost. 

As you can see, each pet has a different personality just like humans. Do you know what pets your ancestor's had? You might want to make note of stories and pictures. For instance, we had a grandmother, I think, that kept a chicken in the kitchen sink in the 1950's. From what I've found, this is or was common in Poland.