Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Ancestral Places Geneameme challenge

Another Geneblogger called Lonetester HQ posted on this topic or challenge on their blog. And describes it as:
 I wanted to focus on the places. The countries, the states, the counties or provinces, as well as the parishes, the towns and villages. Our ancestors have a connection to these places.
What places do your ancestors come from?
Using the alphabet how many letters can you name ancestral places for? Some you will no doubt know well, some you may not … at least not yet (see my letter ‘I’ and ‘N’ examples below). I still have more research to do on those lines.
It doesn’t have to be where your ancestors were born, but it does have to be a place that they were associated with. For instance they lived or worked in that place.
Name the letter, followed by the place (town/parish/county/state/or country), and the surname/s associated with that place
C – Cudlee Creek, South Australia, Australia (Kelly, Hannaford)
H – Helsingfors/Helsinki, Finland (Winter)

 So geneabloggers, the challenge has been set, who’s up for the Ancestral Places Geneameme.

This is going to be a major challenge for me. Why? Because my ancestors just didn't move around too much. Some people have gypsies in theirs - mine? Not so much. Yes, they left Europe to go to the US, but before this they basically were born, maybe moved to the next village when married, and then died there. Even now, my father's side was pretty stable. My mother's too, until you get to my mother who had the wanderlust with needing to move every 3-5 years since I was born. It really annoyed me and I had no idea why until I started researching of the family. Now I know. As my husband says, "Your lot were bloody stayers!" and now I laugh because indeed we were stayers. 

Getting back to this really is going to be a challenge, but here we aware, I'll keep adding to this post as I find out areas where they lived, worked, born, and died.

A- Alrup, Denmark (Larsen)
B - Belgium (Gauquie)
C - Charleroi, PA (Ostryscki)
D - Denmark (Alrup - Larsen)
E - East Dunkirk (Loones)
F - Forest Hill, NY (Gauquie/Nill)
G - Germany (Koblenz - Schmitz)
H - Hamilton, Ohio (Gauquie/Lehmkuhl)
I  - Iseghem, Belgium (Verhaeghe)
J  - Jefferson County, Kentucky (Ostrzycki/Wagner)
K - Koblenz, Germany (Schmitz)
L - Linden, NJ (Wojtkowski/a)
M - Malkinia Gora, Poland (Wojtkowski/a) & Minnesota (St Paul - Larsen, Gauquie)
N - New York/New Jersey - (Schmitz, Gauquie, Larsen, Jagodzinski) 
O - Orange County, NY (Schmitz, Gauquie, Larson, Jagodzinski)
P - Poland (Wojtkowski/a, Jagodzinski, Ostryski, Wyrzyskowski )
R - Rahway, NJ (Wojtkowski/Holley)
S - South Carolina, USA (James, Wojtkowski)
T - Turza Wilcza, Uluchowo, Poland (Gauquie/Galloway)
U- USA (Wojtkowski/a, Jagodzinski, Ostryski,Schmitz, Gauquie, Larsen)
W - Warsaw, Poland (Wyrzyskowski) & Wojtkowice Dady (Wojtkowski/a)
Z - Zaduszniki, Kujawsko-Pomorski, Poland (Rutkowski, Michaelski)

And here it is...I did this almost without looking up anything. It did shock me as I didn't think I'd get anywhere near this many entries. I will add more, which I probably have. I stopped doubling up on the letters as it was getting too confusing. 

Update - I looked through my tree and found more to fill in. However with 3 letters left, I can't find anymore. Still I'm shocked that I got this far. 

How many of the letters can you place? I dare you...