Monday, July 17, 2017

A Chat about My Interpretation on Poor Man's Orange

Recently, there was a challenge thrown out among one of my genealogy groups. The challenge was put this way:
Poor Man's Orange - take what you will from this title of Ruth Park's novel published in 1949.  Poor Man's Orange was set in Surry Hills Sydney about a Catholic Irish Family.  Perhaps there were Irish Catholics in your family.  Perhaps your ancestors lived in Surry Hills or Sydney.  Have you got a tale of making do?  Take the theme as laterally as you like or ignore it altogether.  We just want to see you blogging.
Credit: Family Tree Frog
Credit Wikipedia
I never even heard of Poor Man's Orange and found a Curator's Notes on it. What I did learn was this was a 1980s movie made in Australia. I can only put these facts down as to why I've never heard of this movie before.

After reading all of these, I could take this post into a few different directions. I could:

a) Talk about religion within my family. This would be interesting since I found much of my family in different parts of the world.

b) I could talk about my husband's family who, when they immigrated to Australia, landed in Sydney. Again, this could be interesting, but it would probably be more for husband's blog on his genealogy.

c) Or we could take the small statement "Have you got a tale of making do?" which ties in with the Curator’s notes which I quote "The title Poor Man’s Orange refers to having to make do with second best." Again this would be interesting to see the differences in the many generations within my family of doing exactly this - making do.

As you can see, I could go more than one direction with this post. However, because I'm good at multitasking, I think I'll do one post on the religion and one of the statements. This way I get 2 posts out of the one challenge. The other post, as I noted above, would be best left for my husband and his research and blog.

Would it also be worth noting, I've been working with a friend on some fiction writing as well. Her name is Tam Desire and we've just finished a class together about fiction writing, which was a great course. I'd like to add, if I don't seem to be posting here, I'll be working on something - from a temp job assignment, to genealogy, to helping Tam, to working on some of my own stuff. Again, I'm good at multitasking.