Saturday, August 2, 2014


I started this blog to share the information on my ancestors. This has been done by interviewing family members and researching their lives.The motto I have followed during my time doing genealogy research is:

When we are born, we start off with a blank book. However, we fill these pages are unique to each and everyone one of us – even if you are of a multiple birth. Each day is pages, and each birthday a chapter and it doesn’t end – because future generations keep your story going.
Each of us are influenced by family values we are taught growing up. However, by the time we reach young adulthood, we think we know it all and start to live our lives that way. What we find out over our years is that we don't know it all but we are influenced by  the family values, lessons we've learned and our experiences with other relationships. How we decide to act and live our lives make our lives our own. This is why in the motto I say "even if you are of multiple birth" because we all have different relationships in our lives and just because you started life with another doesn't mean both life stories will be the same because each life will have different influencing factors within it.

I have been lucky enough to become our family genealogist or family historian. In doing this, I take the view of each of us start off with that blank book and have decided to embark of different voyages throughout their lives and I get to tell and hear stories from each person in the family about these people.

I hope you stay or check back with me during my researching to find out what other interesting finds I make about these unique people I call my ancestors.